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Vassilis Tavern

In 1975, Vasilis Papanikolaou and his wife Eftichia created one of the most popular taverns in Epirus.

The tavern “Vasilis” is located in a green cool garden with lemon trees, olive trees and a lot of flowers. It offers a private spacious parking place.

This tavern is famous for the original traditional cuisine and its worth to try the big variety of the cooked dishes such as mousakas, pastitsio, soutzoukakia, oily foods etc. which are made by Mrs Eftichia.

The meats we use are local and you can enjoy amazing grilled lamp and fresh hamburger stuffed with cheese which is melting in the mouth.


Everyday you can find skewer with kokoretsi, kontosouvli and others as well as delicious appetizers as handspun cheese-pie, peppers stuffed with cheese, pumpkins, homemade pies and fresh french fries.

The characteristic of this restaurant is the non stop search for the best Greek materials in any level, from the meat choice till the cheeses.

The olive oil we use, is our production

The relation quality- value is excellent


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